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Ashton Bird is a designercuratorsculptor|

Alons V1 Proof.jpg

 Lead Concept + Lighting Designer  \\
 Alon's Bakery & Market Factory Lighting Plan  

February 2019 - November 2019

Project Description:

Focus lighting routes on worker comfort, high traffic areas, emergency exits, and utility purposes.

Wellness Center Sandy Springsv2017sandys
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design |

 Creative Director + Founder
 SOUP experimental 

2015 - 2019

Mission Statement:

SOUP experimental is a creative springboard and networking platform training artists, designers and creators how to navigate with their creative skill sets. 

Our name and collaborative, multidisciplinary approach were inspired by FOOD, an artist-ran space co-founded in 1971 by Gordon Matta-Clark with Tina Girouard. Located in SoHo on Prince and Wooster Streets, FOOD gave platform to any creator, from visual, perform or design. The restaurant provided low-price meals to support those in need and invited members of the community and artists a-like to be guest chefs, resulting in memorable artist-rendered concoctions.  FOOD quickly became known for Matta-Clark's, "Matta-Bone" soup.  Finishing the bowl, the bones were scrubbed then strung together as a necklace of leftovers the participant could bring home.  Here at the intersection of art, performance, and social engagement, participants found that something as a bowl of soup could leave an imprint to last a lifetime.

 Lead Concept + Lighting Designer 
 contemporary chandelier design
to be built @ Santa MD Wellness

February 2019 - August 2019

Project Description:

24 LED pendants hang cascading in the entrance of the wellness center.  At varieties of intervals the LED strip slowly changes to a peaceful blue light and back again - glimmering throughout the foyer.

Future location to be in the main lobby and through-out front entrance staircase.


 Lead Project Director + Brand Designer  \\
 Monroe Contemporary Art Center
 project proposal 

February - August 2018 

Project Description:

The Monroe Contemporary Art Space is a contemporary art museum that focuses on artist career development, networking and production through the formation of an artist residency program and project archive.  The all-in-one space establishes cultural infrastructures in two formats: on-site through abilities of our physical location and off-site through online, local, regional and international promotion, outreach, artist exchange and collaborative events.

curation |

| curate
Fantasy Link

 FANTASY exhibition 10/2016

2nd Best Exhibition in Philadelphia, November, 2016

1) Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA

2) FANTASY @ Metropolitan Gallery 250
3) Philadelphia Art Alliance
4) Philadelphia Museum of Art
5) Penn Museum
6) The Print Center
7) Old City Jewish Art Center
8) Park Town Place Apartment Homes
9) Barnes Foundation
10) Fleisher Art Memorial

 PORTAL 3: midtown art crawl 

October 27, 2017

6 pm – 2:00 am

Event Statement:

SOUP is proud to announce this one night mixture of uniquely curated experiential artwork containing virtual reality, performance, installation, sculpture, prints, paintings and live music. Through the collaboration with Divas & Devils House of Style, Canal Street Crepe Company, Krewe de Gras, Lucky Goat Coffee and Dream Collection Agency –we are more than capable of exhibiting the exorbitant amount of energy + talent the community and region has to offer. To attend events stop by D&Ds during the night of the art crawl to get a wrist band, everyone’s welcome.


 FANTASY exhibition 09/2017 

Touring curatorial project.
2016 - 2019

"Fantasy is the exercise of imagination, to make visible a vision separate from reality and free from limitation. These fanciful mental images entertain children and adults alike with magical thinking. Secret personal dreams is a place where sovereign control can create fulfillment of needs and wishes. They can also manifest as a stress-induced retreat from reality, divorced from the standing realities of the world that results in never truly living in the moment. From innocent make-believe to morbid desires, fantasy encompasses it all."
- Angela Bortone, ARTSATL

April 21, 2017
6 pm - midnight

Event Statement:

PORTALs are a high-energy, 1 night pop-up art exhibition that flare, glow and fizzle with creative installation artworks, sculpture, video art, performance and music.  PORTALs are a one time event unique to the setting and location.  SOUP's PORTALs expand the boundaries of the typical gallery setting by creating off-site art exhibitions that represent the malleable spirit of contemporary art forms as well as reflect on the creative climate unique to Tallahassee, FL.

| design
| sculpt

sculpture |

 Artist  statement: 

Ashton Bird investigates mental and physical spaces through constructed fortifications and assemblages. His work explores human entropy, growth, energy and community through discovering, re-invigorating and re-inventing potentiality in material.

Ashton’s installations question perception, habit and age through reconstitution and structural ruin. His practice asks how refuge builds through life’s experiences.

Other themes include:

What are the conditions we make to define our places?

How do people use their resources to influence culture and strengthen or disassemble communities?

How do you show placelessness through form and fragility of material?


recycled woods, drywall, handmade paper, silk, tent, drop cloth, cardboard, joint compound, acrylic, gesso, plaster linen, carpet cushion
*installMINT @ MINT, Atlanta GA


 wood, skylights, clays, joint compound, roofing felt, 
 carpet cushion, drywall, window linen, crayon
*Florida State University Museum of Fine Art


Exterior 3: wall 
 recycled pallet wood, re-purposed 2x4s, tarp, cardboard
Atlanta Contemporary


 Exterior 2     
 wood, clays, debris, drywall, roofing felt, tin, crayon,   windor liner
 structure: ~30'x14'10'

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