I have been invited for a solo exhibition next October at the Washington Pavilion located in Sioux Falls, SD.    I'll be sprucing this old shack located outside of Vermillion, SD to experiment with a few things for the install..I cannot wait to start renovating this dumphole!  I'm thinking I want to try something with paint, fridgedoors and l-brackets...hmm that wood on the cieling looks tasty. - 1/15



Also, I'd like to apologize for the quality/lack of images in Exploit Subject, 1, 2 and Lester Boeh. You would think Dustin and I would have had time to document our findings, but we were jumbling between schoolwork, personal work, and whatever else was going on.  Things happen, and I've learned through the experience that you can't put off being organized.  Below are a couple of images from Exploit Subject 2 at the 410 Project, Mankato MN- 1/15

!!! I have been awarded the South Dakota Artist Career Development grant from the SDAC for my solo installation at the Washington Pavilion in Ocotober!  EVERYTHING is going so smooth at the moment...almost tooo smooth. I am honored to be the recipient and would like to thank everyone for the support along the way.  This is another victory! Woop!  A Human Record will be an exciting, interactive installation without financial limitations! This is the largest instalation I have ever done, the entire show will be prepped in 3 weeks starting in June, and set up in a week prior to the opening in October. Invities will be sent out in September. eee

In the resources tab I placed my grant proposal for reference. It is my first proposal outside of undergrad.  If anyone wants to take a look and message me with improvements I'm all ears, enjoy!

p.s. the modules I've been creating to hold the mattresses vertically in show..are really **** sweet. - 5/15


Last Sunday I finally moved into the new home on the Florida panhandle.  I never in a million years thought I'd be moving to Tallahassee, Fl -- everything is covered in the shade of oak trees, the vines and moss sprawl and hang over the streets. It's gorgeous.  Grad school at FSU starts the 18th, I'm eager to move into my studio and exhibiting throughout the area. - 8/9/2015

ps. publix pot pies








^Impromptu Install w/the mates in class

^selfie w/hat.



I have finally found the landlord for R&R square here in Tallahassee -- the decision has been made, I am opening an experimental gallery by next Fall. I need to think of names for this new biz..oh yea, going to Basel for the first time in less than a month and semester reviews this Friday.  S***'s getting wacky. - 11/15/2015


The gallery opened 8 months ahead of scheduled. -7/7/2016







In February - The artwork above, Exterior, was selected for Memory Palace, an exhibition at the Manifest Drawing and Research Center in Cinncinati, Oh. I was 1 of 14 artists, and over 600 works from 9 different countries submitted.   I have never been so proud and fortunate and lucky. Recently, I have been putting in 50 - 60 hrs week, grinding and hustling.  I believe, truley and honestly, that NOW is the first time I 100% believe I am an artist. - Not only because of Manifest, but the fact that I understand my work a little more, I have caught up with it. I feel honest, vulnerable and embarressed, but tested by it. The work is open to taste and it's geniune. 


OH, in February I transformed a run-down gallery space into a contemporary arts gallery titled, SOUP experimental.  Here comes the plug:

Why is SOUP titled SOUP?

In 1971, artist Gordon Matta-Clark co-founded, FOOD, an artist ran restaurant in SoHo, New York.  The restaurant became a central hub for the creative culture in the neighborhood, and its life-span became a historical moment for contemporary art.  FOOD was a place where any artist—visual, poet, musician, dancer, chef, performer—could come together share a plate, talk art and culminate culture.  Many famous artist: Donald Judd, Robert Rauschenberg, Mark di Suvero, Carol Goodden, Richard Landry, either held performances or frequented the space.  FOOD was also an alternative and experimental gallery and a perfect example of artistic innovation. 

SOUP experimental recognizes the idea of this creative, social space and places it in experimental, contemporary setting located in Tallahassee, FL.  

Gallery Details

SOUP experimental has 3 week length rotating, fine art exhibitions. Artist received a week to install work. There are 3 galleries, titled: Front, Mid and Main.  We also are starting an online gallery via soupexperimental.com, the gallery is always accepting performance and exhibition proposals for both, which can be found and printed off our website.

Each exhibition has an opening and closing reception. Performances can happen during either, and can include anything from visual performance, dance, poetry or live music.

I want to be a leader or even coach in the arts...as director and founder of SOUP experimental my mission is to become the best, premium platform for emerging artists, creators and experimental thought.  I want artists to achieve their mind's ambition and be there to push their creative achievement.   I want to explore and challenge creativity in unique modes that were before thought unreachable.  It's a stupidly ambitious project that's infected every part of who I am, and it's never felt so correct or fulfilling.  This goal has been tough and the grind isn't over.  Everyday I have been reading, researching and writing to make me grow to the standard it should be at.  Try picking up a book, titled "Ten Fundamental Questions of Curating" your eyes begin to feel like sandpaper it's so dry.  I like it though.  I believe my passion has caught wildfire,  we've had a total of  27 artists exhibit, and 7 artists perform.  This month we hosted the MFA class of UD, in May we had a visiting performance from Pittsburgh, and next year 2 graduate students from UNC-Greensboro.  We were awarded the exceptional opportunities grant from FSU and hopefully more opportunities will follow.  

Hey everyone, I have loved being able to work with you, really it's been beautiful.



MFA class of UD, in May






SOUP ICONs, Gallery Layout and info.

go to soupexperimental.com for more!

"You look drunk in that picture" - Lucia Riffel


Ashton Bird - 7/7/2016


Minneapolis 3 years ago

So below are some photos that I was looking at today, some were inspiring and reflected on places and people that are extraordinary in the way that they've impacted me + there are some selfies for everyone to make fun of + a weird cushion from china that might be made into a sculpture or maybe actually a couch + a recent sculpture.

March 30..is the decision date to stay in Tallahassee w/SOUP at the end of SEASON 2 (2017) - The gallery has been an amazing blessing and validation of many goals of mine, I do feel more confident and it's lead me to make better artwork. - It is has some odd, negative downfalls too..but I don't want to post gush. PIX BELOW 


Dustin and I from a few years back. This guys getting married to the beautiful Shayna Tietje in May. Ah man, I can't wait to see everyone back home. - D$ and I had what, 4 or 5 collaborative installations together among all the dumb other things we did.  The photo to the left was taken the week before both of our 1st 2 exhibitions opened. @_@! 

cheers D$ and Shayna,


new house
studio instead of kitchen table
empire ag sweatshirt oddly evil brand name, but ba af
new hat

our house has some good vibes
good rug too
ah um pat got into FSU MFA - congrats bro.
I am broke
just applied to a few exhibitions
Chicken BBQ mush is alright
cushion will be sculpture
odd photo?wtf.


New sculpture in progress on the right

Talk again soon!

3/13/2017 - Ashton Bird